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Wave-Riding Fun With JA Powersports Rentals

You need to look no further than JA Powersports Rentals in Sarasota to experience the exhilaration of riding waves and relishing the rush of water sports. With our excellent jet ski rentals, set off on an amazing adventure through the crystal-clear waters of Sarasota, Florida.

With JA Powersports, enjoy Sarasota's Water Wonderland.

JA Powersports Jet Ski Rentals offers a water paradise experience in Sarasota. For all skill levels of water enthusiasts, our fleet of Yamaha and Sea-Doo jet skis delivers an unmatched encounter. We provide both locals and tourists with the best jet skiing experience, and we are easily accessible from Sarasota and Venice.

Exciting Jet Ski Rentals at Unbeatable Rates!

At JA Powersports Jet Ski Rentals Sarasota, we offer unbeatable rates for an unforgettable adventure on the water. With our affordable pricing options, you can enjoy the thrill of jet skiing without going over budget.

Two Hours: Rent a jet ski for $200 and enjoy Sarasota’s beautiful seas for two hours! It’s the ideal adrenaline ride for all skill levels, regardless of experience.

Three Hours: Four Hours: Rent a jet ski for $389 and feed your excitement! Explore Sarasota’s coastline to the fullest, find undiscovered treasures, and engage in the ultimate jet-skiing experience.

Four Hours: Fuel your thrill with our $389 4-hour jetski rental! Dive deep into Sarasota’s coastline, uncover hidden gems, and embrace the ultimate jet-skiing adventure.

Eight Hours: Go on an all-day jetski adventure with our $550 8-hour rental package, ensuring an unforgettable experience on the waves!

Your aquatic adventure will be exciting and affordable with JA Powersports Rental’s clear pricing and flexible rental options in Sarasota. Get your jet ski rental today to explore an exciting new world!

Safe Jet Skiing at JA Powersports

At JA Powersports Jet Ski Rentals Sarasota, safety comes first. We make sure every rider has the tools and information needed to have a fun and safe experience before they hit the waves. This is how we put safety first:

Life Jacket: Each rider is given a life jacket that fits properly, guaranteeing protection and stability in the event of an emergency. Before passengers set out on their jet ski trip, our staff makes sure that life jackets are properly fitted.

Sunglasses: For a safe ride, shielding your eyes from the sun’s brightness and water splashes is essential. To improve vision and lessen eye strain while riding, we advise using polarized spectacles so you can concentrate on the exhilaration of the experience.

Sunscreen: Long time in the sun can harm your skin. We recommend using high SPF waterproof sunscreen to guard against damaging UV radiation. Throughout your ride, reapplication will provide ongoing defense against sunburn and skin damage.

Jet Ski Outfit: Dressing comfortably and safely for your jet ski tour is important. Lightweight, quickly drying gear that doesn’t restrict movement is what we advise wearing when riding. Water shoes with closed toes also offer traction and prevent slippage on damp terrain.

We work to provide a safe atmosphere for all riders by following basic safety precautions and rules, so you can fully experience the thrill of jet skiing while being safe from any potential dangers.

Service for the New Model Yamaha Jet Ski:

With the confidence that comes with riding our best Yamaha Jet Skis, experience the waves. With cutting-edge technology and unparalleled reliability, our new jet ski models offer an unrivaled riding experience. With the help of JA Powersports Jet Ski Rentals Sarasota, enjoy the rush of powerfully and precisely cutting through the waves.


Enter the thrilling world of watersports with JA Powersports Rentals in Sarasota and don’t miss out on the fun. For those looking for an exhilarating experience or a relaxed coastal trip, our jet ski rentals provide the ideal option. Make your reservation now to experience the thrill of jet skiing with us!